MANILA -- At least 36 bodies were found inside a casino hotel that was set on fire by a lone gunman, the Philippine police said on Friday. "Some of the bodies were found inside the casino on the second floor. Some of them were found inside the comfort room on the casino," Southern Police District chief Tomas Apolinario told CNN Philippines. He said they were still determining whether the dead were casino players or employees. Earlier report put the death toll at 34. None of the dead sustained gunshot wound, the police official said, adding they died of suffocation. "I think the fire quickly spread because the suspect used either gasoline or kerosene to start the fire," he said. The gunman, who opened fire and burned part of the casino, killed himself, according to the police. Bases on initial report, Apolinario said the suspect sustained an "exit gunshot wound" in the head. "The way the body was found has rifle pointing at his chin, indicating he set himself on fire and he shot himself," he said. There are still areas that cannot be accessed because of the toxic fumes, he said. "As far as danger and threat are concerned the building is already cleared," he said. He said the police "are conducting continued investigations into the incident and ascertain the identity of the suspect." "We are still investigating if he has accomplice in committing the crime but initial reports and evidence point that the suspect was alone," Apolinario said. wide rubber bands
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